18 abril 2014

It is important to embed the arts in all academic disciplines. Robyn Ewing

“My recent review of international research commissioned by the Australian Council for Educational Research (2010) has recommended that it is important to embed the arts in all academic disciplines and fields as a way of cultivating creativity and imagination across the curriculum. While the arts are constituted of discrete disciplines in their own right, and their enjoyment and appreciation provide intrinsic benefits for the individual, a succession of research reports over more than a decade has also underlined that those students who engage in quality art processes and experiences achieve better grades and overall test scores, are less likely to leave school early, rarely report boredom and have a more positive self-concept than those students who are deprived of art experiences (e.g. Catterall 2009; Gadden 2008; Deasey 2002; Fiske 1999).”

Robyn Ewing 2012, Professor of Teacher Education and the Arts de la Universidad de Sidney. Author of the book Creative Arts in the Lives of Young Children. Play, imagination and learning.

Quoted in An independent report for the Welsh Government into Arts in Education in the Schools of Wales by Professor Dai Smith.

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